It’s that time of year once again and I’m not far from packing my things and heading over to my sister’s house for Christmas. It’s the first time we haven’t had Christmas at my parent’s place since I was about six and only the second time ever. My nephew is nearly 7 and my niece is a bit over 4 so they are a great age to be sharing Christmas with.

Sadly my grandfather was taken to hospital last night but we think my mother will be able to pick him up tomorrow (Christmas Day here). He’s 93 and looks after himself, living with my (loser) uncle. He’s getting to the stage where he’s bored with living and my mother is actually convinced he’s trying to die. Fingers crossed he won’t accomplish that on Christmas or anytime soon.

I wish all of you my very best for the Holiday Season. I hope you all spend Christmas with loved ones, family or friends, and remind everyone just how much you appreciate them.