This week at work has been one of the worst I’ve had in ages. Not the most stressful but one of the longest and busiest and somehow each day felt like 36 hours and the week seemed like 12 days. Thus I was tooooooo tired and emotionally exhausted to post last night when I got home and it would have been a string of gibberish anyway. Then when I went to bed I couldn’t switch off and actually get to sleep. You could say I slept like a baby, but a real one, awake every two hours, emotional and over tired. I did manage to stop short of crying and soiling myself though which is a plus.

Today has turned out bright and sunny and warm so I will be naked on the beach in a little over an hour I predict. Tomorrow’s weather isn’t forecast as being so good but we’ll see what happens. Let’s see if I can’t find something interesting to write about by this afternoon. I have two different catch ups planned for this weekend with guys I’ve met on Grindr or Manhunt but expectations are low and it’s all nice and relaxed.