Hi everyone, I’m so sorry about the delays but as yet our internet provider at home still hasn’t come up with any answers for us which is pissing me off no end. So this post comes to you from my office where I am stuck in a very busy week trying to get urgent stuff done before we close for a couple of weeks over the Christmas period.

To update you all on stuff. Hot Nudie and I are no longer dating. A couple of factors were at play, for me anyway and I decided I think we’d be better as friends. It’s a shame but I’m learning that my gut instinct is quite often right these days and when I ignore it I end up burnt badly, like with the American a few years ago.

Our house doesn’t feel like a home at the moment. Flatmate has a couple of friends staying with us from the U.K. who are out here for about 6 months and all they do is sit around the house ALL day. If you arrived from a cold and wet country, for 6 months in a sunny and warm country, don’t you think you’d get off your arse and explore it? Even if it were out of courtesy to not be underfoot where you are staying? Apparently not. My flatmate is a very neat and clean person and this (straight) couple have spread their stuff over the entire living area. Laptops, sunglasses, phones, phone chargers, change, clothes, bags. You name it, we’re tripping over it. It’s going to be a close call whether the friendship between my flatmate and these two survives the two more days (total of 11) they are here.

I went to the nude beach with a mate who is living here from Canada yesterday. We were there for 3 hours and the poor sod didn’t drink any water and missed several spots on his (quite pale) skin with sunscreen despite my offers to put it on his back. He texted me this morning saying he’d had sun stroke last night, and was very ill and now has blisters on his back. Please, if you are going in the sun in Australia, be very very careful. We have a hole in the Ozone layer and very harsh sun.