Months and months ago I posed for a photographer who dabbles in Lomography which is basically using plastic cameras. I have one of the cameras that Steve used this day as well and they are great fun. They take medium format film and produce quite interesting results.

So in May I found myself on a cold Tamaramma Beach posing for what is ultimately to become part of an exhibition. As you can see the photos came out really well and it’s rare that I like photos of myself but they are nice and simple and have a beautiful retro vibe to them.

This morning I took the two prints that the photographer gave me to the framers along with a Ross Watson print that I’ve procrastinated getting framed for ages. The only thing is it feels really vain to have two large prints of yourself framed in your home. I can cope with the handstand one, as it’s not as clearly me but the other one is very clear. Anyway, they are both being framed and I’ll decide what to do with them when I get them back.