Having been single for a very long time and never really having a significant relationship I don’t know the rules of dating or play by them very well when I do. I’ve always been a heart on my sleeve/open book kinda person and if I like someone I’m rubbish at hiding it.

Last night I met date boy or the Hot Nudie as he may be known at 7pm at a cafe a couple of blocks from my house. I was there first after a rough journey getting there. I went to iron the shirt I planned to wear and saw that it had a mark on it, back in the wash. Then I finished ironing option #2 and went to put the ironing board away and broke the light fitting in front of the cupboard. With no time to vacuum properly I swept up the glass and sent a text to my flatmate telling him to be careful. On arrival at our table, there was a mother and father with two young children, the younger of which promptly knocked something over and started crying.

Thankfully all that disappeared when Hot Nudie arrived. His smile is engaging, one of those ones that lights up the whole face, twinkly blue eyes and all. Before you know it, good conversation, good food, good laughs and nice flirting had swallowed three hours in the blink of an eye and it was time to say goodbye for the night. I walked him around to his car where there was some Grade A goodnight kissing to be partaken. I did walk home with a dopey grin on my face.

Date #2 is scheduled for Sunday, of sorts. Hot Nudie is coming with me to meet friends down in the national park at the nude beach again. Yup, it’s nice. Now I’ve just gotta hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.