For months now, I’ve been seeing these two guys working out together in the mornings at my gym. One of them is fairly attractive and has a really strong muscled body. The other is obviously his protege. The protege is taller but a lanky build that is definitely showing signs of good muscle growth. They do seem to work fairly hard, but the protege has a really annoying gym presence.

He’s a grunter. When he’s straining with a weight he groans and grunts as if he’s giving birth. There are a lot of us in the gym in as much pain, lifting heavier weights and carrying on a lot less. He also never puts weights away, leaving that to his training partner while he wanders to the next piece of equipment trying to look determined and pumped.

There are two options. He’s intimidated by the gym which is very normal for a lot of people, especially starting out, so it’s a bravado thing. Or, my guess because he annoys me, was that he had short comings in the pants department and it was macho posturing to make up for it. Today I saw him in the locker room after he’d showered. He dropped his towel before pulling on his underwear. Let’s just say that while he’s not the biggest in the world, he doesn’t have anything to be making up for. Dammit. Annoying and hung? That’s just not allowed.