Yesterday I hit the nude beach for a couple of hours which was nice. Not perfect conditions but nice and warm so that was nice. In the afternoon I realised that my life does throw up some interesting opportunities from time to time.

I’ve known photographer Paul Freeman socially for several years now and bump into him from time to time. Late last week I had a call from him asking if I was available to pose for a new ACON (Aids Council of NSW) Campaign. So yesterday afternoon I found myself naked, entwined with two other guys pretending to have sex (sort of).

One of the other guys though, was a straight guy that Paul knew. How a straight guy ends up doing a shoot like that I’ll never know but man did he carry on. He had a taped on modesty patch just in case his cock touched another man, got really weirded out if someone else’s cock got too close to him and threw the phrase “I’m straight” into every second sentence, all of which were about him. It was quite a fun afternoon though.