On Friday night I went over to a friend’s place for a BBQ and to watch the Bruce Weber DVD Box set I gave him. We watched Chop Suey which is a documentary about the making (kinda) of the book of the same name. Bruce Weber had a muse called Peter Johnson that he followed around through wrestling matches, introduced to famous people and staged amazing photoshoots like naked on a beach with an elephant.

So when I came home on Friday night, I jumped online and bought myself Chop Suey, the book. It’s out of print and is kinda collectable so it cost me $185 which my flatmate thinks is ridiculous. But as I pointed out to him, I wouldn’t pay $300 on a lamp at this stage in my life. Now I just have to wait for the damn book to arrive. If any rich lovers of my blog are feeling ridiculously generous, “Bear Pond” is on my wish list too!