Welcome to a new regular feature on Aussielicious, Travelicious. I’m hoping to bring you all kinds of travel destinations and experiences. Some gay specific, some gay friendly and others that just appeal to me. Sadly, I won’t be road testing all of the destinations, unless of course there are those in the business who want to have a first hand review! My first Travelicious destination just had to be an Australian business, so I found Sangoma.

Travel a little over an hour out of Sydney towards the famous Blue Mountains and soak up the modern luxury of Sangoma Retreat. North West of Sydney, Sangoma has three luxury suites available all finished in a style which could be described as modern, luxury country. While the retreat was unearthed in a google search for “gay hotel” there is nothing specifically mentioned on their site about being marketed directly at we gays. Having said that, any luxury accommodation that lists in it’s selling points, a two person Philipe Starck bathtub has to be at the very least, welcoming to the stylish, cashed up gay market.

The retreat has three suites all attached to, or near the main house which houses the common facilities such as dining room, entertainment room and lounge room. The grounds are very much nestled beautifully into the rugged Australian bush with a spectacular pool with a stunning view over the region.

Sangoma looks like a perfect way to escape the rush of the city, and judging by the online booking form that has most weekends booked for several weeks, it’s popular.