Danyl Johnson is a contestant currently wowing judges and audiences alike in the UK on X-factor. On the most recent show, Danyl did a version of “I’m telling you” from Dreamgirls, changing the lyric to sing about “her” instead of “him”. Dannii Minogue commented that maybe from what she’d heard in the press that he didn’t need to change the gender reference. The audience booed her, the contestant was fine, Simon Cowell wasn’t impressed.

The story has emerged that Danyl is openly bisexual and Dannii and he had an ongoing joke and in-joke about it, but she stepped over the line in bringing that to the judging table. Dannii has since apologised in a statement to the press and also to Danyl. Above is the performance and comments in question. I have to say, he’s very talented, seems very likeable and damn if he isn’t hot to boot.