The latest edition of DNA has two beautiful boys, Aden and Jordan on the cover. They are a real life couple who are starting out in porn after being together for a few years. They are hot, and yeah, I’d watch them in porn for sure. There is something that has been bothering me about the article though. I don’t know if the magazine called them monogamous or they did, but they certainly claim to be “one person people”.

I totally understand from reading the article that they are completely committed to each other, but monogamous? No. They are not. They are working in porn, therefore sleeping with other people, and they say in the article that yes, they’ve had others join them for sex in their private lives from time to time as well.

How on earth could they call that monogamous? Monogamy by it’s very definition means to only be with one other perons, not at a time, or per day, but one other person, the one you are in the relationship with. I don’t care what they do. I have friends in various forms of open relationships and understand that sex and emotion aren’t necessarily connected, but be honest about what you call it. If you are having sex with other people, for gratification or work, you are NOT being monogamous.