So after my post last week about how to approach the nudity around the house I had a big chat with my flatmate. Essentially it boils down to the fact that he’s only ever done beach nudity and nudity with a partner around the house, never really social nudity and he’s not comfortable with it, even though he thought he would be. One of the contributing factors was that he and I fooled around a couple of times before we decided to share a place together and he was under the impression that I was hoping that would continue as flatmates.

I’ve now set the record straight and said that yes, there was hookups and he’s attractive but neither of us wants to do that again and it’s much better to be flatmates and not flatmates-with-benefits. He did say he’d be ok with going to the nude beach with me and I said that in addition to that, if it’s nice and I’m sunbathing on our roof terrace then I would prefer to be nude so I don’t get tan lines. I also said that if I get out of bed to get a drink, I’m probably not going to get dressed but won’t sit around the house nude. I have no intention of making either of us feel uncomfortable for the sake of being nude. it’s not hard to put a pair of undies or shorts on.

Who knows, now that we’ve cleared up the concerns over sex, and once we get a couple of nude beach visits out of the way, perhaps he’ll start feeling more comfortable. It’s a shame that it’s turned out like this, as the nude friendliness was a contributing factor in deciding to share with him. He’s becoming a good friend and fingers crossed he’ll get to a point where he’s no longer worried or concerned.