Today has been a really rough day for me. I’m not entirely sure why. There have been a couple of things going on which should be really positive things but have been throwing me off balance for some reason. My flatmate has now officially been infected with my love ebola virus. For those not familiar, people around me seem to catch relationships whether they want to or not. So that threw me a bit. To be honest I love seeing people special to me finding happiness but it does get a bit tiring that it’s never me.

If I’m brutally honest with myself, which I’m increasingly trying to be, I need to snap out of my lack of confidence and constant negative self image. Why the hell would someone else be happy with me if I can’t be? I am trying to focus on myself, what makes me happy and getting content with myself before I even contemplate finding Mr Right.

There is another issue with my family that I feel I need to address but don’t know if what I’m seeing as an issue is really there or an incorrect perception of a situation. It’s a big one to me but fairly simply resolved but it means I have to broach the subject of my sexuality in an emotional conversation with my mother. She’s not comfortable talking about my sexuality nor emotional stuff in general. So… I’m trying to regain the balance. I do love my life, but the last few days it’s been hard to see the fun for the chores.