The other night a good mate of mine and I were having a fairly in depth discussion about dating/men/relationships and both lamenting the fact that we are both single, stable, good looking guys who can’t seem to find a boyfriend. Sydney is a tough city to find a man even though all my single female friends swear all the good ones are gay, I beg to differ. My friend and I both want monogamy, affection, intimacy and all those simple pleasures that come with a relationship, yet neither of us have every had anything more than 6 months. He faces an additional hurdle in that he’s HIV+. In what I know is a sweeping generalisation, his perception is that most HIV+ men don’t seem too keen on monogamy. I countered that that applies to most gay men, especially in this town.

He and I met online and have fooled around a couple of times but not for a while. He put it to me directly, asking if I would or could date someone that was positive. In the past on this blog I’ve made bold statements that I didn’t think I could even shag a guy that I knew was positive. That has since been proven incorrect and I’ve had sex with a couple of guys knowing their positive status. The answer to his question, and it wasn’t a proposition, was that I still don’t know, but it’s certainly not an instant no as it would have been possibly as recently as two years ago. So we decided to bring it to the blog and have a poll.

If you are negative, would you date a positive guy? If you are positive, would you date a negative guy? My friend is terrified at the prospect of accidentally infecting someone, and would have trouble coping if he did, but at the same time is prepared to date a negative guy. We are really keen to hear your answers.

Would you date outside your status?

  • I'm neg and only date neg guys (59%, 386 Votes)
  • I'm neg and I'll date either poz or neg (32%, 210 Votes)
  • I'm poz and I'll date either poz or neg (7%, 47 Votes)
  • I'm Poz and only date poz guys (2%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 655

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