At Six O’Clock on thursday evening Richard Savvy – The Naked Barber, knocked on my door. I was already naked, as apparently are most of his clients. My flatmate was out for about an hour and a half so I’d set up in the living room in front of the big mirror we have there. Richard stripped off and asked what we were doing. He’s doing more body grooming/shaving than haircuts at this stage, but we started with a haircut.

Then after that he offered to shave my bals, so I said why not. I’ve never had anyone else shave them so I lay down and he went to work. Damn if that isn’t a very sensual experience. Shame that in the middle of it my flatmate and his ex boyfriend (who I have hung out with on the nude beach before) walked in while I was lying there with Richard shaving my balls. Was quite funny. We finished up a couple of minutes later and we were done.

I had assumed that his clientelle would have been mostly slightly older business men with a bit more cash to treat themselves but Richard told me that he gets lots of younger guys too. Given that a lot of his work is body grooming and shaving most of his clients are naked as well, but a lot like me, getting haircuts, choose to be nude even though it’s not really necessary. I have to say it was a really comfortable experience and very well worth doing! Just make sure your flatmate isn’t going to walk in at a strange moment.