A few weeks ago I started to chat to a guy on facebook through mutual friends and he said he was going to regular life drawing classes. He commented that it would be nice to get more male models as most of the models they get are significantly older women. He suggested I model for the class. Now as comfortable nude as I am, being the centre of attention nude, amongst a heap of clothed people isn’t my ideal situation but I did offer to pose for him privately.

So on Thursday night I went over to his place while his flatmates are over in the U.S. at Burning Man festival (so going there next year) and got my gear off and posed. I have to say I have a new found respect for life drawing models. After ten minutes in one position it’s damned painful, especially with your weight on a wrist or something. Obviously you naturally move before you get sore normally, but if someone is trying to draw you, you can’t.