Run, don’t walk, down to your travel agency and book a trip through the top end of Australia!

After some initial hiccups like my tour being cancelled, I’ve had the most amazing time up exploring the Northern Territory. I arrived in Darwin on Saturday afternoon last weekend and while I didn’t know what to expect of Darwin I have to say it’s not my cup of tea. Very much developing a niche as a backpacker party town. I rang the tour operators late Saturday to reconfirm my tour only for them to tell me it had been cancelled because there weren’t enough people. They put me on to another slightly different tour that left the day after the initial one. Thankfully I had room at the other end of my trip to fit the different schedule in.

Our tour guide was the most amazing guy. He was only 24 but has an incredible passion for the area, plants, animals and the culture of the traditional owners. Rather than just churning out the same old spiel he filled you with the desire to know more and to respect everything about the area. He really made it more special for most of us.

Some of the sights were just brilliant. I nearly passed out from dehydration on day two, which was a bit embarrassing given that I was one of the fittest there. I think I went a bit hard on the first walk, a steep climb to some pools at the top of the beautiful Twin Falls in Kakadu. After two more walks that day I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up. It was around 35 degrees every day and very dry. I’d actually even drunk 4 litres of water that day. I think it was just the change from cool sydney and sitting in an office.

My favourite location was Maguk or Barramundi Falls. We climbed to the pools above the main falls and gorge and had the place to ourselves for about an hour swimming in the crystal clear deep pools exploring mini waterfalls and little swim through tunnels. Absolutely mind blowingly beautiful. I’ll post more photos over the next couple of days.