Last night after several wines and a good meal, I watched a documentary on Karl Lagerfeld. Designer at Chanel and fashion legend, Kaiser Karl as he’s known seemingly projects an image of a fastidious and eccentric older gay man and pretentious fashion icon. Keep in mind, that is from my very limited knowledge of the man. Watching the documentary provides you with a totally different view. Eccentric, hell yeah, the man doesn’t like his hands so always wears TRUCKLOADS of rings or he wears gloves. He has 11 iPods on his mantle in the first scene alone. But even Karl seems to find his eccentricities amusing himself.

As with most creative people it’s a fine line between genius and lunatic but if having gorgeous men around you constantly as aides and assistants or security is an eccentricity then I want to be mad. The hot guy in the “Karl Who?” t-shirt on the far left is his ever present assistant. The t-shirt alone proves Karl doesn’t take it all too seriously. Karl comes off looking very approachable and fun in this documentary. Nicole Kidman makes a brief appearance at a runway show and in a photoshoot and does nothing to dispell her ice princess with immobile forehead reputation.