Every now and then I take note on something and it formulates in my (probably over-tired) brain. A new theory has formulated, along with notable theories from the past like crazy people are better in bed and the theory that I’m a carrier for relationships but can’t get infected with one.

My libido has a definite cycle to it. I can go for weeks feeling horny as all hell and then it will fade for a few weeks and I won’t have any interest in sex. Sure I’ll have my fairly routine but satisfying wank on a daily basis, but as far as hunting people down for something more, meh. Currently I’m on an upswing in libido and this is where the theory kicks in.

When you are horny, there are more hot people around. Now, bear with me here. I’m not suggesting that there is a physical increase in the number of hot people in proximity to said horny person. I’m saying that the hornier a person is, the more people around them they find attractive. Pheromones, testosterone, whatever, it’s all flying around and more people are slapping me around the eyeballs with their sexy in the last couple of days than in the last few weeks combined. 

Having said that, the guy in the black tank top, shorts, blue ipod shuffle, red cap and ASICS Noosa-Tri trainers at the gym today was genuinely SMOKING hot. Even if my libido was on vacation in Nepal, buried in snow, I would have found this guy stunning. The perfectly athletic body, great face, and the dedication and discipline in his training was all fantastic.