We still haven’t decided which internet provider we are going to go with for the new apartment, which is why I haven’t been blogging this week but I turned the computer on this morning and we seem to be able to “borrow” some wireless internet from someone nearby. Yay!

So I apologise for the break in transmission but we are up and running again. The move went really well. Some of my new flatmate’s friends helped us move the furniture last Saturday which meant we had everything in by 1pm and we were pretty much unpacked by 6 that evening, followed by several (read too many) drinks out that evening.

It’s taking some getting used to the new living arrangement. I’d been at the last place for so long that you knew what annoyed other people and you could read their moods and know when to leave them alone. That takes a bit of time but I know I’ll get there with A. He’s a really nice guy and I’m hoping a good influence with my eating habits as he’s very health conscious.