Spending my saturday morning procrastinating over the packing process, I find myself trawling the blogosphere with my second coffee in hand when, with the click of a mouse the world seems to shine a little brighter and prettier. Captain America lives in San Francisco at the age of 25 quietly doing good in the world just by being in it and being so darned pretty in the guise of Sean D Sullivan.

Ex collegiate footballer and all round hunk of beef, Sean is looking for new challenges in life now that football is over. I think he’s found his calling, the kind of calling that draws people to the priesthood, or to save the whales or chain themselves to 200 year old trees. Bound by a sense of duty in the All-American way, Sean’s calling is to brighten the lives of those around him by having very pretty pictures taken of him. He’s too muscly for high fashion modelling and I think we are happy about that because, in that indulgent world of high-fashion, they wear too much. It’s my firmly held belief that Sean should follow the sacred scriptures of the disciples Abercrombie and Fitch and model fashion by wearing as little as possible.

I feel much safer getting through my day knowing that gods like Sean are in this world. Imagine how secure and content life would be wrapped in his big beautiful arms.