Every now and then I get sent bits and pieces. Inertia Music is a record label that keeps sending me bits and pieces to listen to. Not all of it is to my taste obviously but it’s definitely broadening my horizons, exposing me to artists that I wouldn’t normally get to hear.

Recently I received “The Sparrow and The Crow” by William Fitzsimmons. What a beautiful album! William has a beautiful voice that is so easy to listen to and the music is gentle, tender but far from dull and the lyrics are obviously very personal.

Today, an intriguing looking CD appeared in my mail from a group called Miike Snow. Their album is also called Miike Snow. Reading the press release was interesting. These guys are two guys from Sweden and an American guy who up til now have publicised their music while remaining anonymous. How would I describe their music? Funky, electronica, alternative pop. It definitely has that Scandinavian edge of kookiness but it’s very cool.