Our production manager at work has been a prophet of doom last week and into this week saying that we are swamped and this week is going to be frantic. I think he’s psychologically preparing us for the worst but from what I can see, sure there will be busy bits, but I think we’ll survive.

The thing that’s going to get me through tomorrow, perhaps driving me mad with anticipation, is the fact that a friend messaged me last week with a spare ticket on offer to see P!NK in her “Funhouse” concert. It’s going to be brilliant. I’ve been kicking myself for weeks for not getting tickets, but now I’m lucky enough to have thoughtful friends and I’m going to have a blast. I’ll be taking careful note of what she does with the aerial performances.

But for now, I’m going to have a fairly early night, curl up in bed and rest up for the busy days ahead. Tomorrow is going to be long with a 5.40 am wake up for the gym before work, then busy at work then having a blast at P!NK. Bring it on!