This music video was filmed in Paris and proves the theory that if you look like you are supposed to be doing something and have permission, you can probably get away with it. Reead’s video for “Baby” features three naked guys, one after the other, just walking down a long street in Paris carrying a stereo with a digital square of colour to protect their modesty. The guys are all very fit, and only the third one seems to take a while to settle into the role. I doubt this video will ever be played on Australian screens except for perhaps on “Rage” at 2am.

Years ago I was in the shopping mall in the centre of Sydney and saw a guy waiting at the traffic lights completely nude in the middle of the day, across the street was a video camera. I saw the very end of THAT music video on rage one night but never saw who the band/artist was or the whole video. More bravery like this please!