It seems that people (or specifically one person) are making assumptions about the end of my dating with Irishman. I had a comment from someone calling themselves “Irishman 2” who has jumped to the conclusion that I won’t compromise on a single thing about a partner and that I ended the romance because “The One” didn’t fall into my lap.

Your always on about not having a BF, you should of made it work, its like everything else in this world, you need to work at it.
You are expecting the “One” to be handed to you on a friggen plate.”

Sure, I think all romantics like myself would love Prince Charming to gallop up on his perfect steed and for it to all be happily ever after, but I am also realistic and know that compromise and discussion are crucial to a relationship. Where your statement falls over “Irishman 2” is that it wasn’t my decision to stop dating. Irishman has gone through a hell of a time over the past 8 months or so losing a family member to violent crime, a previous relationship crumbling around him due to mental illness (not his) and substance abuse and on top of that he’s trying to maintain a new business and working 7 days a week. So I’d kindly ask you to take your ignorance and leave it at the door.

I’ve watched my parents work very hard to maintain their marriage of 39 years and I’ve watched others work twice as hard and still not be as lucky. So to imply that I “should of made it work” which should read “Should HAVE”, is based on absolutely no knowledge of the situation.