For centuries people have been bathing communally. Even in the uptight Victorian era, the era that saw prudish Brits sweep into jungles and tell natives to cover up because the flesh was immoral, communal bathing was normal albeit in segregated areas.

As recently as the 70’s YMCA’s across the world had compulsory nude bathing for men. Why then, in the last ten to 15 years has everyone become so uptight about others seeing them nude. As I mentioned yesterday, gyms now all have individual shower stalls and men are doing amazing feats of gymnastics not to be seen without their clothing.

Has the prudishness come from an increased body culture among men, and therefore insecurities about their body and vanity? Or is it the resurgence of the moral right wing telling kids that the body should only be viewd appropriately clothed? Showers were never really on the agenda after school physical education lessons at high school here in Australia. My perception of the U.S. that showers were more common but are less and less so these days. Are people worried about gay students preying on their kids? Teachers? Whatever the reason, we are now living in an era where body image is at an all time low and hangups are at an all time high.

Wouldn’t it be healthier to bathe together openly as we have for centuries like the african tribes right through to military servicemen at war?