Some time ago, well over a year now, I had a massage that totally ticked the boxes for me. I have a regular guy that I go to when I need all those deep tissue knots sorted out. It’s not a fun massage but it does wonders. But that’s not what I feel like.

The massage I’m talking about came about through a conversation with a friend and it’s all about building tension, not releasing it. Everyone talks about happy endings when they think of an erotic massage but for me that isn’t what I’m after. I want a sensual massage where you can almost touch the sexual tension. The masseur came over to my house and we’d talked about the scenario before hand. As we all know I’m quite comfortable nude and I want to be on the massage table and not covered in a towel or sheet. The masseur was also nude. Through the course of the massage, which was a legitimate relaxing massage, my full body was massaged as a normal massage, but his hands did brush my balls and my cock from time to time, not in a blatant way but just not shying away from those areas as much as normal. His hands brushed down my butt crack and everywhere but not lingering.

I could feel that he was getting aroused from time to time, feeling his hard on brush my foot or my elbow. The thing I liked about it so much was that we both obviously were aroused and it would have been so simple to reach out and grab his cock but we’d agreed that sort of thing wasn’t going to happen. By not allowing anything overtly sexual to happen, all the build up, the foreplay was much more drawn out. If we were going to have sex, the massage and sensuality would have been rushed, skipped over and lost all the magic.

At the end of the hour’s massage, I stood up, he packed up his towels and table, leaving the dressing til last, then we said our goodbyes and he left. Bliss. Sadly he’s no longer available for the massage.