In the last week something has changed in my outlook. I don’t know if it’s the ride on the slut bus to whore-town or just maybe a slight shift in the confidence that some of the slutty attention has created, but I don’t feel a desperate urge to find a father to my labradors anymore. It may not last but it’s a very nice place to rest a while and relax.

Without the glare in my eyes from the neon sign flashing desperate at every man who walks past, with that annoying buzzing that comes with neon crassness, life looks a little rosier. I’ve always liked my life but, at least for now, contentment seems to be starting to come my way. I can’t honestly say a husband wouldn’t be a wonderful thing, even a good stint at dating, but life is nice.

Update: I’ve removed the photos because one of them was causing some problems. I had posted it in a hurry last night and on closer inspection yes, the guys were a bit young. I apologise for any offence taken. It was certainly not my intention. I believe the photo was taken for a nudist magazine many years ago but in the context of this blog may have been inappropriate.