I’ve just arrived back in Sydney after four blissful days in Byron. I haven’t seen a better collection of hot men in a long time. There is a theory forming in my mind that people on holidays are hotter, probably because they are tanned, wearing less and are incredibly relaxed. The other alternative is that they just seem hotter because they are fresh meat to fellow tourists.

My gym buddy’s wedding was beautiful, his bride stunning and the speaches very tearful. I didn’t have any silly emotional moments. There was one whimsical moment where I thought it would be nice to be able to do this one day but not in a depressed and melancholy way.

We had a beautiful day on King’s beach enjoying the sunshine, sadly I was the only nude one out of my friends and I. The next day we headed to Tyagra lakes but unfortunately, possibly because of higher water levels, there was no mud to be “mudded”. Such a shame, I’d been looking forward to that for a while.

From there we spent the rest of the day at Tyagra beach. After a couple of hours there, my friends all decided to join me in my nudity which was a very pleasant surprise. Only one of them has joined me being nude on the beach before. They all commented at how surprised they were at how relaxed they were about it after while. Well, DUH I told them. THAT’S why I do it!!