Over the last couple of years I’ve been like a weary traveller stuck in an airport clinging wildly to my baggage refusing to just accept that I’m stuck in transit and have fun. SO in an attempt to divest myself of excess baggage and stop looking for my white picket home, I’m catching the bus.

Namely the slut bus to whoretown. I think my problem with the scene in sydney is, yes the attitude, but also that I’m jealous of everyone’s outward confidence and ability to put themselves out and about either sexually or just in general. I haven’t had the confidence to do either for a while. I’m trying to reclaim my inner slut and just get some damned action which apparently is harder than it seems. My slut bus seems to be hell bent on breaking down or is busy ferrying the special needs kids to school. I’m determined to keep trying though.

I was online tonight and ran into someone I know through the mardi gras parade and he laughed that my profile said versatile. Insinuating in a very derogatory tone that he knows that I’m a big bottom. If I were, I’d happily admit it. He came to this conclusion because I have several photos of my butt on my profile “and other reasons” which he wouldn’t clarify. Now I don’t care if people do think I’m a bottom. That’s an assumption lots of people have made over the years. In my younger days, apparently blonde and slim visually translates to insatiable bottom. What I was upset about was the tone that being a bottom was lesser somehow than being a top. Why do we do that? Tops would be nowhere without the bottoms that some of them seem to look down on psychologically as much as physically.