Yesterday was a very long but very rewarding day for me. I got up at 5.40 to head to the gym for my last session with my training buddy before his wedding next weekend in Byron. Then it was off to work which although not particularly exciting at the moment was a good day. When finishing time came I raced off to Aerialize to teach at the Gay & Lesbian Singles Circus night which was a lot of fun.

After initially being nervous about attendance, we had a full class of 20 people and lots of laughs. The only slight hiccup came when, after thinking we had nice even numbers of boys to match up and girls to match up the realisation hit that one person was probably what is officially known as Intersex… I’m thinking of them as gender-non-specific as I’m not entirely sure what Intersex means. But how do you pair them up? Everyone seemed to have a good time anyway.

Then it was home to meet up with Kieran, my patient, tolerant and enduring new model, who after freezing his bollocks off at the pool a few weeks ago, came back for more. This time we had him wandering around my building carpark nude at 2 am. I hope you like the results. When I look at them close up, they aren’t technically that brilliant but I am really happy with the look and feel of them. Finally at 3 am I fell asleep in my bed.