Warning: This post is a bit of an angry rant. Forgive me. Indulge me.

If someone is presented with a shop full of cakes and proceeds to eat their way through a lot of cakes, pastries and other delights, should that be celebrated more than the man that chooses a single cake and takes it home to savour it over time? No.

Should the man who buys a single cake be celebrated more than the person indulging in a variety of tastes, textures and smells? No.

Why then, when I mention that I am of a monogamist mindset, do people tell me to stop banging on about it? “We get it. We know!” I was told today. Why is it that I am not allowed to mention monogamy as a viable option as if it is something to be shunned, hidden, cast aside lest it make someone feel uneccessarily guilty about their own relationship? I’m not judging what ever it is other couples do to make their relationship tick along nicely. If they want to snack along the road of life amongst the delicatessans and bakeries, then so be it and good on them. But if I choose to sit at a favourite cafe and have a favourite meal, night after night, savouring it through nights of under-cooking and over-cooking and the odd bit of lacklustre salad why am I open to judgement that if I was to cast the other way would be vilified for?

If I’m not allowed to speak, then forgive me if I turn and walk away while you rave about eating at every cafe in town instead of coming home to a home-cooked meal.

I’m sick of it. Today’s comment may have been lighthearted but it stung. Leave me to my so called monotony. I’ll call it monogamy and enjoy it, when I find it.