I’ve just got home from my last class of the term which is very sad. This term has been very bitter sweet for me after hurting myself at the half-way point. Ari has been a fantastic teacher who’s style probably played to some of my strengths. It’s the first time I’ve had a male teacher and I’ve found we’ve done the bigger tricks and strength based stuff more than we might with a female teacher. The last few weeks of watching from the sidelines was really frustrating but I’ve learnt some great things.

I’ve just found out who is teaching the class next term, as Ari is off back overseas to teach and perform in London and Europe. The next term will be very different as Heidi is a very strong performer and puts sequences together beautifully and elegantly and will be a good counterpoint to the strength and dynamic nature of this term. Ari performs really well, but I know Heidi will absolutely drill me on the subtleties and delicacy that my silks routines have lacked til now. So it’s going to be a great way of building on this term. Thanks to Ari for showing us such great tricks and giving the class a great energy!