On Sunday night I got to bed around midnight after the punk gig and promptly passed out, curled up in my bed. When I woke up I saw that I’d missed a text message at 1 am. Now I’m a friendly guy, and can be quite accommodating but every now and then  you see something and just think, really? Are you serious?

The text message was from a number that I didn’t have in my phone but given the nature of the message was probably someone I’d “met” some other time but must have deleted the number. It said “I’m so horny right now. Wish I could have you here fucking me so hard you force me to beg for more.”

Even if I knew who it was, I wouldn’t be getting up at 1 am and going to help the poor frustrated chap out. It’s nice to know they think I’m talented at what I do/once did to them and I’m flattered, but no thanks.