It seems that last night’s post “How can you tell?” has opened up a can of worms. One reader asked if I was suggesting that all masculine gay men should be made to have limp wrists and speak with a lisp. Not at all. What I was referring to were the guys that over compensate with their masculinity with macho posturing. An example is a guy whose profile I read online that said “If you wear v-neck t-shirts or consider drag queens your friends, then I don’t want to know you.”

I’m all for people being whoever they want to be, if that is butch as all hell or as camp as a row of tents, then so be it, but don’t put on a persona because you think it’s what you should do or because you aren’t comfortable with who you really are. If you are masculine and can’t be picked as gay by conventional stereotypes then fantastic, but it is also wrong to make others feel bad because they do go out on the scene, wearing flamboyant clothing.

I’ve also just been labeled an “idiot” because I had the nerve to light heartedly make an observation that I don’t know any straight women that go camping in groups. I’m sure there are straight women out there that do, but the vast majority of straight girls I know that do go camping, do so with boyfriends/husbands. It was meant as a light hearted post and I apologise to anyone whom I might have offended. At most I want to stir up conversation about the labels we put on ourselves within the gay “community” let alone those put on us by others. If that makes me an idiot, then so be it.