I’m one of those people that can’t really do aggressive or intimidating very well, so last night’s gig was quite a challenge but a lot of fun. It was a staff christmas party with a Punk theme. They really went all out with decorations and entertainment. They had a punk band, for which the lead singer for some reason decided to perform in his underwear, they had a drag queen with attitude (don’t they all), a couple of performance artists and some people piercing their flesh which I flatly refused to watch. I get very squeamish with that stuff.

Lil and I were hired to be statues. So I cracked out my kilt, the boots, some dodgy as all hell eye makeup and my brand spanking mohawk. I was positioned on the landing halfway to the ladies toilets which caused a few surprised looks having a supposedly scary man in a kilt and fuck-off boots standing in dramatic lights when they were on their way to pee. A few of them made me crack my facade, but overall it was great.