I spent a couple of lovely hours lying nude in the sun today on the beach. Sadly it was by myself. As I lay there I realised all my close mates are out of town this weekend or busy so I had the solitude to read and enjoy the quiet.

When I got to the beach there were two guys sitting not far from me, I don’t know if they were mates but I don’t think they are a couple and I’m not even at all sure they were gay. While I was trying to be discreet and not look like a total perve, my eyes were just drawn back to him. My guess is that he would be in his late 40’s. Completely bald, small mustache and goatee, and tall. I would estimate about 6’3″ and definitely done a lot of athletic stuff in his life. He was also totally at ease being nude, even though his friend was wearing speedos.

I’ve traditionally been attracted to guys a few years older than me, but over the last couple of years I’ve had several, let’s call them encounters, with younger guys. This guy shook all that up and reaffirmed my taste for older guys. He was probably a bit outside my traditional range but my god he did it for me. Until he lit the cigarette. I still thought he was hot, but I just don’t get smoking.