It’s come up several times over the last few years on this blog that I just don’t understand people’s prudishness about being seen nude. Guys at the gym just about breaking their necks not to be seen by anyone else in the changeroom and people looking at me like I’m an alien when they find out I happily hang out nude with friends.

It wasn’t always that way though. As a teenager I was painfully shy. NO ONE saw me naked. My parents aren’t exactly hippies but we did see them nude from time to time, but I guess my mother is the type of woman where everything has to be “proper” and social nudity doesn’t qualify. As a result I came to discover my love of being nude rather late but with gusto. I often wish I hadn’t been so shy growing up. These photos of teenage guys hanging out nude without concern look so nice. Maybe they are from a more innocent time, but teenage guys that I know would consider it too sexual to hang out nude together. It’s an enlightened young guy that is happy just hanging naked with his mates and I personally think it’s something that society is doing very wrong that teaches kids that the body should be covered up.