Well, the Mardi Gras parade is over and done with once more for another year. We got a fantastic amount of press in the lead up to the parade, once again, prompting my mother to ask “Why are the lifesavers so popular?”. Who knows, but we seem to have lost none of the support we’ve had from the first two years.

The parade was an absolute blast once again but was all over too fast. I was just getting a second wind when the lights went out and the music was turned off. Early on in the parade route we were running around and I slipped on a pile of glittery confetti and re pulled my hamstring but the adrenaline was plenty strong enough to keep me going with a smile on my face.

Each year, there is one run through of the routine, which we do about 25 – 30 times along the route, where I completely fuck it up and lose the plot, like a little brain fart. Well this year I did it in spectacular fashion, just as we were hitting the main part of the parade route, where all the media for Foxtel, who broadcast the parade, were set up. We were approaching that area and I just completely messed up and couldn’t remember what to do next, so I started laughing, the choreographer’s assistant laughing at me too, me in the front row. At that point I turned my head and there we were, on the 40 foot wide screen, just as I lost it! Priceless.

To anyone that may have been out there supporting the parade participants, thank you! It was an incredible atmosphere once again!