Everynow and then you meet someone and you hang out for a while and then you, or they move on. Someone contacted me a few months back saying they were coming to Sydney for a few months and he’d like to catch up and say hi.

To be honest I get sceptical when I get messages like these as people who write to me through the blog often know a lot about me when in all honesty I know nothing about them. So when they say they’re keen to catch up, I don’t know what to say or do. Anyway, this guy was coming from the U.S. and messaged a couple of times and let me know a bit about himself.

He’s been here for a few months now and tomorrow he’s off to China for work for a few months. We’ve hung out several times, at the beach, at bbq’s and just out and about. He’s a lovely guy and if he hung around, I’m sure we’d become quite good friends. But sometimes people are just dipped into your life to show you another point of view, give you an alternative, even just to keep you occupied for a bit. I’ve enjoyed the interlude and wish him well. I’m looking forward to more.