Today I can pretty much say I’ve done sweet fuck all. I’ve managed two loads of laundry but that’s it. It’s a stunning day outside but I’m feeling like being lazy and given that I’m peeling from my sunburn on Australia day, I thought it best not to go out in the sun today.

The photoshoot I did yesterday didn’t quite go to plan. Some time ago a reader responded to a call for models on here. We met up, along with his boyfriend months ago and we’ve caught up a couple of times since, but yesterday we finally got around to doing the shoot. The shoot was to be of them playfully wrestling and hanging out nude on some big sand dunes about half an hour away from here.

We arrived and were expecting no one to be around. That wasn’t to be. We were astounded to find dozens and dozens of people running, alone, in groups, training with their football teams and in groups being tortured by personal trainers. Granted some of them were stunningly hot in a straight-and-might-smack-you-around kinda way, but it basically boiled down to the fact that there were too many people around to risk two guys wrestling nude. We found another location, not quite as good but we got some good shots I think. I can’t share them with you, as I don’t know what the guys would think of me posting their shots on here. If they say OK then I will.