Yesterday afternoon I found myself with no plans for the evening and a lot of my friends out of town, so I took myself of to finally see Australia. I wanted to see it on the big screen because Baz Luhrman always does such amazing visuals and I knew the Northern Territory scenery would be shown at it’s best.

I’d heard such negative reviews and reports that I was going into the movie with low expectations, and about twelve couples my parents age scattered through the cinema. It was such a pleasant surprise. The movie made me laugh, made me cry, had me a bit scared at one point and really cheering for the main characters.

While I’ve been critical of Nicole in the past, for her refusal to admit marinating in botox, she does a great job in this movie and I think she’s been very unfairly attacked for this role. Of course everyone loves Hugh’s character right from the start, because it’s right at the start that we see him throwing a bucket of water over that spectacular body in a way almost suitable for a playgirl shoot. Nicole’s character defrosts as the movie goes along and was she was fantastic. Brandon Flowers was incredible as Nulla, and I hope to god we get to see him in more movies over the years and not just as the token Aboriginal.