Ok, it’s the end of a long day and I’m tired and in a grumpy mood. The last week or so I seem to have had some pretty negative comments, thankfully the vast majority of you seem to get me or even if you don’t get a particular post you just move on to the next one. Tonight I can’t deal with potentially pissing someone off. I know it’s going to happen whatever I write but since I’ve just had someone tell me I’m a pervert who lies on my lounge obsessing about nudity and wanting a boyfriend I’m giving up for the night.

This video is most of a Kylie song from about 1997 when she was dabbling with an “indie” sound. It wasn’t released as a single and the album of this era “Impossible Princess” was a commercial disaster in the UK but we Aussies loved it. It’s become a bit of a cult Kylie album. This song is called “Free”. She mashed a bit of this into “Slow” for the X tour last year.