Chatting to a friend on email today while trying to stave of a boredom induced coma at work, he mentioned that he and his boyfriend were having some mandatory nude time this coming weekend to celebrate the fact that it’s the anniversary of the night they met.

I wholeheartedly take the credit for introducing those two at the first nude gathering we had. Those two spent the night together, and while there were a few early bumps, they are the kind of couple that are just supposed to be together. They argue like any couple and have their ups and downs but they have the same sense of humour and similar opinions on a lot of things.

Apparently the other day they were making their way home from the nude beach in their car. They were driving home nude and when they got home they pulled up at some traffic lights and both jumped out of the car and did a nude lap around the car while the lights were red.

One of my work colleagues and his girlfriend are also absolutely perfectly matched. You’d have to be to put up with some of the stuff that comes out of this boy’s mouth, but they just make each other laugh constantly these two.