This video could inspire or it could depress people. I’m using it for inspiration. Less than 7 weeks out from the Mardi Gras parade I’m kicking my training into high gear. Higher than what it has been wouldn’t be hard with a month off over the holidays but I’m actually even being quite good with what I’m eating. A girl at the gym is writing me up an eating plan that she’s promised will be easy to maintain (that one I’ll keep you posted on).

My training partner at the gym has agreed to go back to a routine that we did for too long but have had a break from for a few months now. It’s an effective one and more importantly one I enjoy.

I have to say, this video would suggest that men these days don’t have body hair at all. I know it’s all about the definition for the photos etc but as I get older I don’t mind a bit of hair on a man. This video is the top 15 guys featured on All American Guys in 2008.
All American Guys Top 15 of 2008