I had a comment on the blog last night from someone that made me realise we all look at things very differently with our own perceptions colouring the way we see the same world in different ways.

The commenter went to great lengths to tell me that even though he’s been reading the blog for some time that he thinks I don’t share much of myself. He knows that I like social nudity and that I do Poll dancing (his spelling mistake not mine) and that was about it. I find it interesting that he can think I don’t share much when many others have told me that I am much more open and revealing than they could ever be. I’ve shared about my aspirations in life, my loneliness about being single, my counselling, dramas with work and money over the last few years and lots of things. I don’t share much about my family because they haven’t made the choice to blog, I have and it’s not fair of me to detail their lives without their consent.

Do you think I share too much or share not enough? I’m curious. It probably won’t influence what I post but I’m intrigued.