This post is in response to someone I saw online last night. I was on a gay chat site and I came across a profile of a very hot young 26 year old guy in the U.S. He had two lines on his profile “Looking for BB mates, Looking to convert.” I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night worrying about someone I’ve never met and the mindset that makes them want to convert.

Before I logged out of the site I sent him a message asking why he would want to convert to HIV+.

It turns out he reads this blog and recognised me. His response was that basically he loves BB sex. There was no more explanation so I can just assume that he figures if he’s Poz then he won’t have to worry any more. Firstly, anyone who is Poz and knowingly infects you, regardless of your permission, is committing a criminal offence and can be jailed. Secondly, HIV and AIDS can still kill. While the medications are keeping people alive and healthy for a very long time these days, the cost of medication in the US is ridiculously high, every medication has a side effect.You may be able to go to bareback parties and go crazy but then you open yourself up to cross infection.

I’m begging you Nick, reconsider. Sex with a condom is still very hot. Why jeopardise your futre for a few minutes of fun? Any HIV+ readers, please comment and reason with Nick. Any comments promoting bareback sex and HIV conversion will be deleted immediately.