Lately I’ve been starting to think it’s time to move on from where I’m living. While there’s nothing wrong with where I have lived for the last 3 years, the atmosphere has changed and I’m getting itchy feet.

One of the guys that has been at all the nude dinners has a friend who is looking for a flat mate. I met him yesterday and looked at the place and really like it. He’s a nice guy and the place is great. It’s a little more than I am paying now but my though process at the moment is that the little bit of extra money is worth the reduction in stress etc. I haven’t been offered the room yet but if I am then I will probably take it.

I didn’t mention that I want to live somewhere that is nude friendly but when I said I’d introduced our mutual friend to his current boyfriend at a nude dinner, he replied that I can have those there if I wanted, so I dare say my hopes to be able to be nude around the house will be fulfilled if I move in.