I think I’ve posted about this in the past but recently it’s become more and more obvious that the time is drawing near for me to find somewhere else to live. If I can save my butt off and get a deposit together then I’d ideally like to be in a position to buy a small apartment by the end of the year. The problem with that plan is that I don’t know how long I can last here.

I’ve been where I am for over 3 years and I love the house and get on famously with one of my flatmates, but there have been some circumstantial changes over the past few months with other flatmates. There are four of us in the house and the other three are all women. Needless to say there’s no nudity around the house.

If I decide to move sooner than I’m ready to buy, I’ll be looking to share with one other guy. Ideally I’d like to find a nude friendly flatmate. I understand social nudity isn’t for everyone but surely with a male flatmate, it can’t be too big a deal if I walk between the bedroom and bathroom nude can it?

Do any of you live in nude friendly homes in a share situation? Obviously couples are comfortable nude in front of each other, but I’m curious to hear stories from people not living with a partner, but sharing and being able to be nude around the house. Was it discussed? Did it evolve to that point? How???