Every few years the new generations seem to come up with new words or phrases that seem to take hold. One of the more recent ones that I’ve heard that you don’t hear a lot of, but enough to peak my interest is Bromance.

From what I can gather, a bromance is basically a really close friendship between two guys, that if it were to become sexual would be a fully fledge romance but instead is a friendship based on shared in-jokes, mutual understanding, common interests and sense of humour.

Personally I’ve never really had one. I have some great mates, straight and gay but nothing quite like this. My really close gay friends are either people I’ve dated who’ve become friends, fuck buds or guys who are great friends but not what I’d call Bromance material.

I love this video that I found yesterday while looking through the Make Me A Supermodel videos. It follows two Bromances in the series. The one that I touched on yesterday between Ronnie and Ben and another with Perry and Casey (?). It’s cool to see two guys who trust each other and get each other so well. Love that stuff.